About BYFF's Fine Foods

BYYF’s Fine Foods is a craft food broker and craft food distributor based out of Tampa, Florida. We have over 125 retail locations ranging from local boutique-style restaurants and markets to larger chain operated supermarkets. BYFF’s was founded in 2014 and our family has been actively involved in the Florida food industry for decades.

Our beginnings came through Sunset Salsa which was created in 1997. We are now leveraging our trusted retail relationships as a broker for other craft food manufacturers throughout Florida. As a craft food manufacturer ourselves we understand how difficult it can be to get your brand noticed and distributed, even when you have a phenomenal product.

BYFF’s Fine Foods can help your craft foods company with distribution and marketing of your product across the State of Florida. Our distribution area spans from Tallahassee to Jacksonville, down to Miami, across to Naples and up to Tampa with cities like Orlando, Melbourne, Gainesville, Panama City Beach, St. Pete and Sarasota being key locations in between.

BYFFS in Action