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15 Olives

15 Olives is an American family-owned business striving to grow, harvest, pack and ship only the highest quality, USA grown (Florida and California) Olive Oil and Vinegar.


Lick My Spoon is made locally in Sarasota, FL by Master Chocolatier and Confectioner, Kristine, trained by her mom growing up in baking, and professionally in Milan, Italy.  She uses local ingredients, when always possible fresh cream from Dakin dairy in Myakka City, and local herbs and her hand candied citrus.   Using the best fresh quality ingredients, non-GMO, organic, in fruits, herbs, spices and liqueurs, makes a delicious and feel good delightful treat.  Those ingredients that come from afar, are certified Fair Trade or Organic from the Cocoa Beans for her chocolate, to the Fleur de Sel from Brittany France to enhance flavors.   She has won numerous national awards and recognized favorably in the press, Food and Wine Magazine, and the TODAY show to name a few of her accomplishments.  One thing she does well in keeping, is her promise, “I guarantee everything I make is delicious, because I make everything as if I am making for my own family.”  Enjoy the selections of chocolate, dessert toppings, cookies and cakes.


Chutney is our blend of vegetable and fruits, two different types of vinegar, wine reduction, select herbs and spices, Spicy… Serve  then as dip with tortilla chips on top of cheese create the perfect combination, or just on a toast with brie cheese.

Accompaniment for veggie or burgers, in fact, anything off the grill or use as a topping on flatbread, add olives; anchovies with a drizzle of olive oil. Vegan Safe.


Pascale’s – The Delray Beach Jam Company is family-owned and operated since 2010.

Inspired in great ingredients equal great products, aimed to elevate your creation and surprise your family.

Incredible vegan flavors combination, rich in gluten free fruit chunks and low sugar will create an adventurous flavor profiles of sweetness and tartness, ideal for wine pairings, charcuteries board and exciting meals.


Traditional marmalades with organic orange peels that combines the mild tartness, the sweetness, and the flesh of the citrus fruits, Pleasant… Cooking pairing includes Goat cheese and Blue cheese; Add to your vinaigrette salad dressing avocado and water crest; Marinating seafood; Topping to croissant and toast… Lemons, Oranges and Grapefruits and organic sugar. Vegan and Gluten free

Southern Caramel

Southern Caramel is both a certified woman-owned business and family-owned and operated in Melbourne, FL.  They are a family-owned and operated Daughter/ Father duo.  They believe that the art of making handmade caramel is more than the mastery of blending ingredients together.  Taking the time to slow things down is important in the kitchen and in life. Making caramel is a process that can’t be rushed.  They start by actually caramelizing their pure cane sugar, which results in a great depth of flavor that is lacking in many caramels.  True caramel isn’t overly sweet, and their caramel will have you coming back for more.  The base of each recipe is pure cane sugar, cream, and butter.  They do not use any corn syrup or artificial flavorings.  They craft a smooth and creamy caramel with a buttery finish that will tantalize your taste buds.

Small Batch Quality: – Free from Corn Syrup – No Artificial Flavors – Naturally Gluten-Free – Won’t stick to your teeth

Sunset Salsa

Sunset Salsas and bruschetta are handmade in Tampa, Florida with fresh, delicious, all-natural, low sodium, gluten-free, fat-free ingredients.