Brimstone Originals

This woman-owned company sells award-winning pepper jellies out of Tampa, FL.

Brimstone Originals® Specialty Foods is a women-owned business with Eileen as President and Julie as Vice President. Younger daughter and sister, Amy, an Intellectual Property paralegal, keeps up with the trademarks. “Pepper Head” Rick jumps in wherever and whenever needed to work shows and taste-test new products.

The product line now includes four flavors of pepper jelly having added Cranberry Jalapeno and Pineapple Pepper, with plans in the works for more flavors.

The products can be found in several specialty stores throughout Florida and in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Connecticut.



Jalapeno Pepper Jelly




Cranberry Jalapeno




Pineapple w/ Red Pepper




Habanero Pepper Jelly





Mango Habanero PJ


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