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Fat Cat’s award-winning, all-natural,  preservative-free condiments are made from high-quality ingredients. These hot sauces capture the magical combination of heat and flavor.


About Fat Cat Foods

We are an award-winning boutique condiments company dedicated to making gourmet hot sauces. Our products are all-natural and preservative-free, and they are made from top-quality ingredients. Like many hot sauces, ours integrate various chili peppers, spices and other vegetables into the mix. But rather than test the limits of the Scoville scale, we prefer to highlight the flavors and quality of our ingredients first and foremost. Some of our sauces are hot, some are mild — but each features a complex array of natural ingredients and pure flavors that complements a wide range of foods.

One taste, and we think you’ll be hooked for life. It’s purr-fectly good.

Strawberry Serrano

The Florida Strawberry Festival, held each year in Plant City, inspired this fruit-and-chili combination, which features a unique blend of sun-ripened strawberries and spicy serrano peppers. Great as an exotic finishing sauce for grilled meats and poultry, a flavorful addition to cheese courses and a one-of-a-kind topping for cheesecake. Heat Level: 3 (out of 10)


Papaya Pequin Passion

Triple P! Inspired by the exotic flavors of the Caribbean, this unique sauce features a tantalizing blend of papaya, pineapple, ginger, allspice and more — all brought together by the inclusion of pequin peppers, tiny fire starters that pack some serious back heat. Sweet and spicy in the best sense of the words, it’s the perfect topper for lighter meats like turkey breast, ham or pork loin, and a natural match for seafood.
Heat Level: 3 (out of 10)


Siamese Sriracha

Our version of the popular Thai-style condiment features a base red chilies, roasted red peppers, and garlic and showcases both the punch of our chilies as well as their natural sun-ripened sweetness. Try it in stir-fries, in soups, as a marinade, in sauces, on sandwiches, eggs, sushi, and pizza, or as a base for a supreme wing sauce. This just may be your new favorite everyday hot sauce.
PRESERVATIVE-FREE! Heat Level: 5 (out of 10)


Bacon Sriracha

Our Bacon-Flavored Sriracha (TM) blends the garlicky-peppery punch of the classic Thai-inspired hot sauce with the savory, salty succulence of roasty-toasty bacon. What could be better? Use it to add a spicy, smoky accent to soups, sandwiches, Bloody Marys, wings, eggs, pizza, BBQ and more. VEGAN PRODUCT! PRESERVATIVE-FREE! Heat Level: 5 (out of 10)



“Absolutely perfect sauces, had 3 types so far, going to get every bottle I haven’t tried. Not just heat, tons of flavor!”
— Brad Browning


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