Sassy Cucina is an all-natural Mediterranean dip and spread company specializing in white bean hummus, basil pesto, whipped feta spread and olive bruschetta. We believe simple fresh ingredients made without preservatives make the tastiest dips and marinades. Our products can be used as appetizers or toppings on your favorite salad, pasta or protein.


Basil pesto is delicious as a marinade on chicken, fish, shrimp or vegies adding that fresh herb flavor. Use as a sauce on your favorite pasta dish. White bean hummus is creamy and delicious on wrap sandwiches, pita bread with vegies or crackers for a healthy snack. Salsa Verde is a green slightly spicey spread that can be a dip, topping or marinade. Try it on eggs, sandwiches or chips Whipped Feta can be spread on sandwiches in place of mayo or dip into it with your favorite chips. Try it on pizza for added zest. Olive Bruschetta is delicious sprinkled on salads, pastas, wraps. Try it as an appetizer by topping crusty bread. Be creative and enjoy the fresh Mediterranean flavors while staying healthy and feeding your body real all-natural food.

Olive Bruschetta                                       639767207379

Sundried/Chipotle White Bean Hummus 639767207386

Lemon White Bean Hummus                   639767207423

Sriracha White Bean Hummus                616913827995

Bruschetta WhiteBean Hummus             616913828008

Jalapeno White Bean Hummus               639767207386   (new flavor)

Whipped Feta Spread                              639767207393

Basil Pesto                                                639767207416

Sundried Tomato Chipotle                        639767207409

Italian Olive Salad                                     639767207362

Salsa Verde                                             616913828053   (new flavor


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