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Old Florida Gourmet

Established in 2012, Old Florida Gourmet Products sells uniquely flavored tortilla chips, seasonings, and salsas.


10acity™ anti-oxidant Hydrogen infused spring water is regular spring water with extra hydrogen molecules added.

Reàl Ingredients

In 2014, Reàl’s full line of Infused Syrups was born to create a full line of puree infused syrups that highlight the most authentic, real and pure flavors on earth.


Sassy Cucina is an all-natural Mediterranean dip and spread company specializing in white bean hummus, basil pesto, whipped feta spread and olive bruschetta. We believe simple fresh ingredients made without preservatives make the tastiest dips and marinades. Our products can be used as appetizers or toppings on your favorite salad, pasta or protein.

Sunset Salsa

Sunset Salsas and bruschetta are handmade in Tampa, Florida with fresh, delicious, all-natural, low sodium, gluten-free, fat-free ingredients.

The Empanada Girl

The Empanada Girl, est 2010, is a local small business that specializes in made-from-scratch gourmet Argentine-style Empanadas. They offer a delicious array of vegetarian and vegan empanadas that are baked (- not fried!) with the goal of providing an easy, quick, tasty, and nourishing snack/meal. They pride themselves in creating a delicious product, made with whole foods and sans preservatives in an effort to add a food item to the (frozen) food world that is made with integrity & love.

VooDoo Chef

Led by Chef Erik Youngs who has over 30 years in the restaurant business, VooDoo Chef products feature classic flavors with some new twists.